The Big Idea Challenge

lightbulb idea.jpg

In September, some of the world's greatest thinkers will land in Louisville for the IdeaFestival. The key speaker this year is Woz, and there are tons of other interesting attendees. Geeksquad, the lead sponsor of the event, has decided to host a Big Idea Contest. The ideas revolve around technology and sustainability, and the people submitting the best ideas will win a free trip to Louisville for the Ideafestival.

Last year, I put together a dinner on Friday night and a lunch on Saturday with some of the speakers. It was a lot of fun, and fascinating to sit and discuss technology, science, and society with some of the leading thinkers of today. I'll try to do it again this year, so submit an idea, or even if you don't have one, come to the IdeaFestival and be inspired.

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