The Boeing 777 Is Getting Even Smaller Bathrooms

Boeing 777ER Smaller BathroomsIf you have ever shoved yourself into the bathroom on a jumbo jet you are probably well aware of just how crammed those restrooms can be. Boeing believes the laboratories on its aircraft are still too big, and the company is about to rectify the situation.

The company’s popularĀ 777-300ER wide-body airliners are being given a redesigned look with even small restroom areas.

Currently, the bathrooms are just 3×3 feet, barely enough room for a normal-sized human to enter.

According to Bloomberg’s Julie Johnsson, Boeing is desperately trying to fill out the remaining production slots for its current generation 777 models.

The company believes it can make the 300ER more attractive to buyers if they can add another 14 seats into the cabin.

The traditional three-class cabin layout on the 777-300ER seats approximately 386 passengers.

It’s not just about the toilets, the companies new overhead compartments are expected to reduce the plane’s weight by 1,200 pounds.

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Boing is also updating the planes wings and control surfaces to cut down on fuel costs by 5%.

The price of the Boeing 777-300ER is $330 million.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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