The Business Behind Girl Scouts of the USA

In addition to bringing smiles to millions of people each year (those Samoas are pure heaven), Girl Scout Cookies rake in over $700 million in revenue and contribute over 200 billion calories to the obesity epidemic. This interesting infographic from Top Business Degrees takes a look at these and other interesting business numbers behind the Girl Scouts of the USA.

The Business of Girl Scout Cookies
From: Top Business Degrees

Another interesting point in the infographic is that being a member of the Girls Scouts seems to drastically increase a woman’s chances of political office. It would be interesting to know if this holds true for males and Boy Scouts as well.

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  1. Kent Pitman's Gravatar Comment by Kent Pitman on January 31st, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    The calorie count is a very interesting angle. Thanks for raising that. But even ignoring the ethics of helping the nation put on pounds, this is serious money. Where does it all go? If someone is becoming privately rich, that would be very troubling given that it’s done on the free labor of children. If these girls were paid for doing the sales, would it be legal or would it run afoul of child labor laws?

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