The Business of Data Mining


As technology continues to advance, companies are tracking more and more of the movements of consumers on a regular basis. This is done in the hopes of providing them with the most relevant advertising at the most relevant moment. This practice of data mining is becoming very advanced and is having a major impact on the market in general.

Keeping Your Data

While many people are paying attention to the massive amounts of data that is collected by the NSA, private companies are also keeping track of a lot of what you do. When you visit a website, type in a Google search, or do anything else online, a private company is probably tracking it. Most of the popular websites have cookies that they use to keep track of your actions. These cookies relay information to the data mining operations, which is then stored in a server. Many of these facts are combined together to form a profile on you.

Using This Information

This information is generally collected to be able to offer you more relevant advertising. Advertisers keep track of what you like and what you do, so that they can offer you products or services that you might find helpful. This is designed to increase the effectiveness of the advertising and make more money by charging more for ad space.

Rapid Growth

The big data mining industry is only going to get bigger in the future. According to projections, data mining will be a $50 billion industry by the year 2017.

Data mining companies already have centers with thousands of different servers that are continually taking in and storing new information. This information is grouped together in the form of data clusters. These data clusters are then used to group you into one of many different demographics and groups. At that point, your information is then sold to companies that want to market you services and products. Even if you opt out of offers and try to stay away from cookies, your data is still being collected in some fashion. In the future, data mining will be an even bigger part of everyone’s life. The only real way to get away from it is to stay off of electronic devices as much as possible.

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