NPR, Cato Institute Offer State of the Union Fact Check

The Cato Institute, a libertarian think thank, has a good State of the Union fact check:

Here’s another one from left-leaning NPR.

May they offer you a balanced view of the SOTU.

  • brian

    NPR is not left-leaning. You should rewrite your post to reflect this fact. The only study I’m aware of that takes a serious (albeit faulty) look at media bias found NPR’s news coverage to be “slightly more conservative than the Washington Post’s.” The study concluded that most major news outlets are “left-leaning,” but it is downright dishonest of you to portray NPR as the left-wing counterpart to the Libertarian Cato Institute (an organization that I often agree with, but that makes no claims to journalistic objectivity). NPR is among the best sources available for fair and accurate news reporting. Cato is a think tank devoted to promoting Libertarian approaches to public policy.

  • Drea

    Brian–I’ve wondered the same thing about NPR myself, whether it’s accurately portrayed as left-leaning or not. In my subjective experience, it’s been somewhat left-leaning, but you’re right, the post above does pose it as a Cato counterpart. That isn’t the case. Edited as requested.

  • brian

    Drea – thanks for changing this. And thanks again for posting these useful commentaries.

  • Phil


    They did not change there left leaning comment, they just crossed it out so everyone could see it. They still make the incorrect point, but what would you expect from this partisan website?