The Demise of Digg?

Digg is becoming the poster-boy for everything that is wrong with the wisdom of crowds. I've stopped blogging about anti-Digg stuff because I'm no longer one of the few naysayers – there are many now. Still, I know a lot of you that went through the whole TBE experience with me have remained skeptical of the wisdom of crowds, and agree that the scenarios in which it works well are highly limited and specific. I though you may appreciate this post, and the following comment from it:

"The wisdom of crowds" is pretty good at generating funny/weird/interesting stories for the first part of the infotainment pie, but the comments section generally reveals what common sense already tells you: crowds don't have any fucking wisdom, but make good mindless herds/lynch mobs.

The irony in the WoC concept is that it only works when individual decisions are made without regard to the crowd.

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