The Democrat View of Outsourcing

Here is an interesting article from The Nation entitled "Toward a Progressive View on Outsourcing." Some of it really isn't that bad, but stuff like this disturbs me.

The Bush Administration apparently largely operates by the nineteenth-century principle that if you don't have a job it is your fault. But it stands by a set of trade principles–at least when it suits it–that will force job losses through no worker's fault. Such hypocrisy deserves the attention of the political opposition.

This isn't quite right. First of all, shouldn't it be your fault if you don't have a job – at least partially? Secondly, how does anyone force job losses? It is always at least partially the workers' fault. If they were willing to work for less, then companies would not move. Whether or not companies outsource is irrelevant, because we are going to go through this same thing when computers start replacing knowledge workers. I can hear the arguments now

It was fine for machines to replace manual laborers because the displaced workers could find jobs in the knowledge or service industries, but now that machines are taking those jobs too, what are we to do?

All you can do is accept the future and prepare yourself for it. Why does no one ever mention that when the standard of living of these Indians and Chinese rises, they will want to buy good and services from us and that will help our economy? The whole outsourcing this is so one-sided. The only reason it is an issue is because of the unemployment rate, which is still low by historical standards. Once employment picks up, no one will care about this stuff, just like no one cared during the late 90s bubble.

By the way, I did a search to see who had linked to this article already and found the Outsourced America weblog check it out.