The Economics of Prostitution

I can't believe I'm linking to this. I'll get a bunch of porn surfers from Google now.

Edlund and Korn admit that spouses and streetwalkers aren't exactly alike. Wives, in truth, are superior to whores in the economist's sense of being a good whose consumption increases as income rises–like fine wine. This may explain why prostitution is less common in wealthier countries. But the implication remains that wives and whores are–if not exactly like Coke and Pepsi–something akin to champagne and beer. The same sort of thing.

It seems to me that marriage and prostitution both have sociological aspects that aren't easily quantifiable. Maybe that is addressed in the original paper.

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  • They missed the most basic economic concept law of diminishing returns

  • Huh? To say “that wives and whores are akin to champagne and beer” is a grossly misleading, even for men with no conscience.

    By convention, one-off sex-based relationships are for “fun only” (if risking an STD is one’s idea of fun). Yet because these interactions are not deliberately pro-creative, they remain purely one dimensional. Indeed, it is solely on that callous transactional basis that the economic value of the act can be ascribed.

    On the other hand, a man’s relationship with his wife is something altogether different. Sex is a Godly thing, when God is allowed into the bedroom. Godly sex and sex with a prostitute are about as similar as sex with a prostitute and masturbation.

    Clearly Edlund and Korn wouldn’t know the difference.