The Economy Affects the Physiques of Playboy Centerfolds

It seems as though the nation's economic situation affects the type of naked women we like to see.

Changes in Playboy centrefold physiques are tied to economic conditions in the United States, researchers claim.

In boom times men prefer pictures of petite girls, but when the economy goes bust, so does Playboy, with curvier, stronger looking women, according to psychologist Dr Terry Pettijohn from Pennsylvania's Mercyhurst College.

"In short, we want someone to have fun with when times are good, and we want someone to take care of us and themselves when times are bad," he said.

Researchers compared the faces and figures of Playmates of the Year from 1960 to 2000 with an annual "hard times measure" that tracked changes in US rates of unemployment, marriage and murder during the same period.

I wonder who sponsored this research – and how I can break into this field ;-)

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