The Fall Of GM – A Visual Guide

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  • One of the most fair and unbiased explanations I have seen.

  • Nice find!

  • Jeff

    Sure you’re not talking about “yeah, its got a Hemi” Chrysler? They focused on gas hogs and their quality black-eyes include sludge prone engines and wonky electronics from Mitsubishi.

    Or maybe its about “Fix Or Repair Daily” Ford?

    Both my vehicles, a 2000 Dodge Intrepid and a 94 Chevy S-10 have over 100K miles on them. I see this strictly as God’s blessing on us and I’m praying they keep running until we can afford a “new” used car.

  • The only constant is change! I felt like the writing was on the wall when Toyota entered NASCAR. Some might feel that’s sacrilegious……………….

  • Chris

    GM full time employees: 266,000
    GM retirees collecting pension: 400,000
    Paying more non-working people than actually working people is hardly a sustainable business model.

  • Uncle B

    Post (GRD) great republican depression, the remaining working population of America will drive Buick LeSabres and Cavalier-like cars made in China. These cars are a current-day reality on the streets of China, and await export to the U.S. on the docks of Shanghai as we speak! The elitist uber-rich shareholders of GM had GM America teach GM China how to build these cars using 85 cent and hour, Chinese peasant women, the supply of which is unending and self-regenerating in China. The Uber rich chose these women over the North American car builders for quite apparent economic reasons! The current “bail-out bullshit” is a smoke-screen devised by the Uber-rich bastards, to foist liablility for the large number of unemployed they intend to create, from the private sector, over to the public sector to relieve themselves of any undue expenses, before they collapse expensive North American operations in favor of highly profitable Chinese and Asian operations. Remember, they now own both, are dumping the American white elephant, and the workers, liabilities and all, for more profitable Asian production centers, so that they can be truly competitive with Honda, Hyundai and the like! It is a good, sound business strategy for the uber-rich shareholders, and by selling American stock and buying Asian stock, they slide away to new fields of immense profits, liability free as they collapse American corporations, and Yankee doodle gets it up the brown spot, hard, once again, and is left, smarting and holding the bag! Any truly innovative and advanced ideas will be incorporated into the new Chinese built, highly profitable for shareholders, cars. The “Volt” is a 1969 chevelle body, complete with sheet metal and hydraulic support, engine removed, battery pack added, nightmare of 1930’s greasepit engineering – no servo’s, no drive by wire, no plastics, no carbon fiber, no magnesium parts, no aluminum, no advanced polymer composites – Hell, even Hyundai is trying to make better lighter bodies from recycled soda bottles, and Henry Ford did a number with Soy-plastics way back when! There is no way in Hell, that a major corporation in the country that put a man on the moon can be so backwards, unless they have other motivations.

  • the

    I hate having to look at these BS type images slamming GM. We all must remember GM was a giant company. The Auto Union really beat them up because they could (when you’re big everyone wants a piece of you). If it weren’t for the union then there would be less trouble.

    As far them “resisting change” that might be bad at first thought but how much does a redesign cost? If you have to redesign a car just so you can add a catalytic converter and you have about 1~3 years you can get out of that model before you need to change then you’ve saved your company money till the new model comes out. As far as safety is concerned then I agree they should implement as fast as possible.

    Too many dealerships? Do you have any idea how big the USA is? The old saying “there is a pawn shop on every street corner” is true and you don’t see them going out of business anytime soon. If you have to drive more than 20 miles to a dealership what is the chance you’ll go there instead of the one 5 miles away?

    EV1 was a concept that failed at the time it was tested out. Sure, electric vehicles are an option now but back then they weren’t. Times and tastes change so what wasn’t wanted back in the early 90’s might be wanted in the late 00’s. Also don’t forget even almighty Toyoda pulled the plug on electric vehicles back then (so get your head out of your ass idiot foreign car buyers!).

    Slow to hybrids? WTF?! As soon as the Japanese started making them within a year or so the US car companies started coming out with hybrids. Sure, they’re not nearly as ugly or small but hey not everyone wants to drive a copy-cat vehicle (Japanese copy everything so they’re not original).

    Sub-par quality? Give me a break. Most American cars are built well. This is really just something stupid foreign car buyers are spreading (it’s FUD really). I’d take a Jeep Cherokee over a Nissan Xterra, a Camaro over a Supra, a Focus over a Corolla and a Ram over a Tundra. How many recalls has Toyota had lately? Can’t remember? Then you’re full of shit.

  • GM invented the Catalytic Converter and was the really the first to use. It got a log of push back form other companies because it was expensive to produce.

    The EV1 was never a viable option, either financially or technically. Cost a million dollars to produce, there was no market and the technology was a dead end. It was at most a proof on concept. The real reason for the demise of GM are not empathized.

    Yes, retiree benefits and health-care are key but the denial of the senior leadership, the constant making of excuses rather than facing market reality and of course many years of lousy cars.