The FBI is helping unlock another iPhone and an iPad

iPhone 6 Second Hack

The FBI is helping officials in Arkansas unlock an iPhone and iPod linked to two murder suspects.

Four teenagers between the ages of 14-18 are accused of killing a couple at their home in Conway, Arkansas. The murders occurred in July 2015. All four defendants have plead not guilty to the murders.

Investigators believe that the two devices, one of which is an iPhone 6, according to the Los Angeles Times, was used to discuss the killing.

The case is notable because the FBI recently dropped its lawsuit against Apple, but only after a third-party agency showed the Bureau how to bypass the companies highly-touted encryption.

Apple refused to help write code that would create a backdoor into its devices, claiming that it would be a goldmine for hackers if a vulnerability was ever discovered.

It’s not immediately clear whether the FBI intends to use the same method in Arkansas as it did in the San Bernardino case.

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The FBI has not revealed how the current hack was accomplished or whether or not it will work on older iPhone 6 and an iPhone 5c devices which may be running older versions of the company’s iOS platform.

At this time any requests to hack an iPhone for legal purposes will be handled on a one-by-one basis since only the FBI and its third-party provider have knowledge of how the hack works.

The FBI is wary to provide Apple with the steps it has taken for fear that Apple will fix the vulnerability on future iOS releases.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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