The Federal Reserve has been under attack by hackers since 2011

Federal Reserve under attack by hackers

The Federal Reserve has been under constant attack by various hacker groups since at least 2011.

It’s still unclear if hackers have managed to penetrate any of the Fed’s security systems. However, the agency has labeled at least four hacking attempts as acts of “espionage.”

CNNMoney on Wednesday said it obtained a list of at least 50 incidents that were labeled as either “unauthorized access” or “information disclosure.”

The Federal Reserve insists that the internal documents only acknowledge that hackers attempted to break into its computer systems. There is no confirmation at this time that the hackers were successful in their hacking attempts.

On Thursday, a statement from the agency said, “As with other government agencies, the Federal Reserve is a target for cyberattacks. However, our security program and processes for detecting and countering attacks are robust and our critical operations have never been affected.”

The central bank released the documents after Reuters reported that the Federal Reserve has detected more than 50 “breaches” of its computer systems from 2011 and 2015.

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The Fed claims the documents don’t provide enough information for Reuters to call the cyberattacks a “breach.”

“We stand by our story,” said Reuters representative Abbe Serphos.

Indeed, the redacted documents only describe in “incident” and the descriptions are hidden as is their level of severity.

Internal documents do hint that hackers accessed and perhaps even extracted information from the Federal Reserve.

Written by Lisa Huyhn

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