The Final Question: What Business Would You Launch?

The final question for the American Express Open conference is this: If you weren't doing what you are doing, what business would you launch tomorrow?This is tough because there are about a dozen different things I'm am interested in, but I'll focus on the most interesting ideas. The field that I think will drive future change more than people give it credit for – artificial intelligence. Yeah I know it's been making huge promises since the 60s, but there is a lot there and I think we are only 10-15 years away from building truly intelligence devices. My #1 choice would be to start a company that focuses on intelligent software and hardware using new A.I. models such as Jeff Hawkins' concept of hierarchical temporal memories (HTM). There is a gap that needs to be bridged between people who develop and understand such advanced technology and people who understand how it can be applied to impact the bottom line of your business.

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My second choice would be to start a company that focuses on peer production. I think istock photo has a fantastic business model, and there are other good opportunities out there. I have actually discussed turning TBE into a platform for peers to find partners and create new ventures.

This question is very personal because people want to start businesses that they find interesting, so everyone will give a different answer. What would you start? Where do you think the most opportunities lie? What do you think can be done better than it currently is?

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