The Flip Side: Get a Real Job


Chief Executive magazine has an interesting column called "The Flip Side." The column takes the unpopular perspective on topics often in the news, and the most recent column, Get a Real Job, takes issue with the hobby-as-work movement recently reported in the Wall Street Journal. Here is some of the sharp criticism from the article.

Nowhere has hobbyism taken firmer root than in the United States Senate, a no-heavy-lifting operation which has been the political equivalent of a duck whittler's convention for years.

If what The Journal is saying is true, if the American work force-on the very brink of being handed over to the care of hard-working, enthusiastic youngsters-is instead ready to morph into a glorified activities center for early retirees, then woe betide this society.

An interesting but probably unpopular view, for sure. Maybe Chief Executive should expand the column into a regular blog.

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