The Herbal Sex Business

Have you seen those commercials for Enzyte? Well apparently they are working because the company that produces the product has seen incredible growth. This is happening despite being the most complained about company in the Cincinnati area.

Founded by Warshak less than three years ago, Berkeley posted $100 million in sales in 2003 and employs about 800 people. Warshak forecasts $260 million in sales this year.

"If the products weren't as good as they are, we wouldn't be able to have this kind of growth," said Warshak.

But while Enzyte and Avlimil have drawn consumer interest, Berkeley's company also has found its way onto the complaint logs of consumer watchdogs. The Greater Cincinnati Better Business Bureau and the Ohio attorney general's office have received more than 1,600 complaints about the company's billing practices, although not about the products' effectiveness.

My guess is that the business model involves landing new clients more than repeat business.

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