The Importance of a Customer Service Manager

This is a guest post by Brandon Walker of the website Customer Service Skills.

With a downturn in the economy and a resulting reduction in sales and services, some businesses involved in sales and service may need to to lay off full-time employees, reduce the hours of existing employees, or employ part-timers. With this uncertainty in the workplace, the overall performance and motivation of some employees could fall. This leads to poor customer service. In our world of social media and online feedback, this then results in a reduction in sales.

Customer service managers need to work harder than ever in today’s business environment. The following are 3 fundamental skills managers need to apply:

1. On-the Job Training

An experienced customer service manager will therefore need to handle the personal problems and issues of customer service employees sensitively and positively during such critical periods. Most business owners also realize that on-the-job mentoring and training a new part-time employee, for example, on how to find their way around complex databases and systems, can be time consuming and cause frustrating delays for customers.

2. Effective Communication

An experienced customer service manager needs to ensure a workplace program is introduced for those employees in need of help and support. Because many businesses rely heavily on the experience and skill of their employees who work in customer service front-line positions, it is important for a supervisor or manager to have effective communication and personal management skills to understand the diverse problems that employees can encounter inside and outside the workplace.

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By having this ability, a good customer service manager can implement positive steps to tackle most problems encountered in the workplace.

3. Managerial Support

Nowadays, it can be difficult for one-parent households to cope with the demands of having to work and juggle family commitments at the same time. For example, a family emergency like having a sick child who needs to be looked after in the home is one such situation that can occur at short notice and therefore needs to be dealt with some consideration. In general, if a problem can be resolved by a supportive customer service manager to help restore a customer service employee’s keenness and confidence in their workplace, it can be a positive win-win situation for both the employee and business in the long term.

Also, by dealing positively with an employee’s workplace or personal problems it will in turn encourage the employee to provide quality customer service and help to enhance the reputation of the business.

Official bio: Brandon Walker is the creator of customer service skills, a website designed to provide helpful, informative and advice to small and large business owners on how they can deliver exceptional customer service to their clients.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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