The Importance of Front Line Sales

According to this article, most marketing budgets are spent on the wrong things.

According to a recent Booz Allen Hamilton study, 85% of brand loyalty is created at the point of sales contact and after; only 15% is generated by up-front promotions and the quality of the product itself.

That means a brand marketer's greatest (and perhaps most overlooked) asset in creating brand equity and impact is the frontline sales person. But if you ask 100 CMOs for a peek at their brand-building budgets, you'd probably see expenditures allocated completely opposite to what the study suggests really drives brand purchase decisions.

Increasingly, a company's branding success depends less on what they sell, and more on how they sell it. In a highly competitive market, with near parity products and barely discernible branding campaigns, sales channel effectiveness is the new key to branding success.

Interesting ideas, but I'm not totally grapsing the "dynamic personalized collateral" thing.

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