The Importance of HR

According to this, HR departments are too often taken for granted.

HR is finally garnering respect in companies of all sizes and across many industries. "CEOs and boards of directors are learning that human resources can be one of your biggest game-changers in terms of competitive advantage," says Donovan. His boss is counting on it. " The success of the strategy rests in people's execution," Nardelli says. "That's why the HR manager has to be an equal partner at the strategic table."

I'm a big critic of HR departments because I think they don't screen people properly. I believe in the Southwest way, "hire for attitude, train for skill," and it seems in my dealings with HR departments as a job seeker, most of them don't agree. That may change as the HR departments become more important. Larry Bossidy of Honeywell has said that leaders should be intimately involved with HR because the number one priority of any leader should be to have the right people in the right places. It's good to see that other CEOs are finally coming to agree with him.