The Leadership Database

A Harvard initiative has brought us the Great Business Leader database. There is an interview with Tony Mayo, the project director, here. This project has given us a new buzzphrase – contextual intelligence. According to the project, it can make all the difference.

Contextual intelligence is the ability to understand the macro-level factors that are at play during a given period of time. For our study, we looked at six contextual factors that shaped business during the last century and continue to shape it in our present century: government regulation, labor, globalization, technology, demography, and social mores. Within each decade of the twentieth century, these six factors ebbed and flowed, coalescing in unique combinations. A business leader's ability to make sense of his or her contextual framework and harness its power often made the difference between success and failure.

Interesting. I'll have to chew on this for awhile and post more on the topic once I have digested it.

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