The (Marketing) World Is Flat

Excellent post from Ben McConnell, addressing Thomas Friedman's concerns about the ability to browse his book online for free.

You raise two questions that thousands of content creators, manufacturers, resellers — just about everyone — grapple with every day:

1. How much of my product/service do I give away?

2. How do I control the aftermarket for my product?

The second one is a funny question that way too many companies are concerned about. Control? That's the job of your customers. Let them do it.

  • Tapart News and Art that Talks devotes a full site to countering the concepts, statistics, history and definitions in the book The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman. First of all the tool of Globalization is Free Trade and it is not trade as historically defined or practiced. It is now based on moving production from place to place, chopping up economies based on human labor as the main commodity.
    The most basic problem with Thomas Friedman ‘s vision is his ignoring the main fact – workers have no voice in the process of Globalization and Free Trade. History tells us what happens when this is the case. There are now many instances of radical responses to NAFTA, GATT and CAFTA trade agreements with many already losing their very lives over these unfair practices and the degradation of workers dignity. See ” if you do not belong to any network, you do not exist”