The McDonalds Weight Loss Program

Diet and McDonalds aren't two words you hear together very often, but one woman is changing that.

A US woman claims to have lost 33 pounds by eating nothing but McDonald's for 90 days.

Merab Morgan, of Henderson, North Carolina, began her diet because she found the Super Size Me film insulting.

In the documentary, film maker Morgan Spurlock put on 25lbs after eating excusively at McDonald's for just one month.

Ms Morgan, 35, memorised the calories in almost every menu item, and limits herself to 1,400 calories a day, reports the Detroit Free Press.

"It's kind of like the poor man's diet," said Morgan, who has tried Weight Watchers and Atkins but failed because of the time and money those plans required.

Maybe she will become the next wave of McDonalds advertising, like Jared did for Subway.

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  • brittani

    that is such a lie i don’t care what she says she didn’t lose no weith eating on “diet” at mcdonalds..when morgan ate mcdonalds for a month straight 3 times a day nothig else he put on 25lbs in the film “super size me” so how can u jus by giving yourself a minimum amount of calories to eat a day lose 33lbs in 90days..?

  • Marie

    I find it totally believable, but only because of the caloric limitations that she set. If you eat 1400 calories a day, no matter if it came from subway, Mcdonalds, or a trash can, YOU WILL LOSE WEUGHT. People don’t realize that reducing the number of calories you take in, decreases the anout of calories that you will need to burn via excercise. If you take in less calories than you burn off, YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT.

    In Supersize Me, the character had specific guidelines that helped him to eat the less healthy items, I mean it was called super size me. I’m sure the only supersized item on the menu that was low in calories was a super sizd water.

  • Hello McDonalds Weight loss..
    I think mcdonald should sell more healthy food so children can eat a balance of healthy and non healthy food..
    please do somthing about
    thanks yours sincirly Kadisha!

  • Mars

    Hmm ya, thats why Morgan Spurlok at the start ate so much mcdonalds in one meal he threw up. Why he did this? So he could expand his stomach and eat that much more.

  • Canti

    Well, you see, “brittani”(I cant be sure if you spelled it right, so I put it in quotes. You seem to struggle with logic and spelling.), He ate EXCESSIVELY. he OVERATE and he had it every meal.

    The whole idea is she is eating every meal, but USING HER BRAIN and lIMITING how many calories she gets You’re pretty stupid if you think you’ll put on weight eating from there 3 times a day no matter what or how much you eat.

    And im aware im saying this 4 years after the fact but hopefully she comes back one day and realizes how stupid she is e_e

  • John Pryce

    I think mcdonald should sell more healthy food so children can eat a balance of healthy and non healthy food..

    McDonalds sell salads and whatnot, but when was the last time you saw a kid asking for one of them? The healthy food is there, but the kids would rather have a burger. Maybe you should stop blaming the corporation that your kids are fat and start blaming yourself. Or maybe you should call your mother and tell her she’s such a bad parent, her suckiness rubbed off on you and now you’re a shitter parent than she is. What’s the matter, did daddy not hug you enough? Did you hug the fridge too many times? Here, have a cheesecake.

  • Ruth

    So she had a medium fry and a diet soda for every meal? It’s INCREDIBLY hard to find a real “meal” under 500 calories at McDonalds. Not to even scratch the surface of fat content. Even the salads are loaded with caloried. This screams undercover PR on the part of McDonalds. Come on now.

    And YES, McDonalds should spend a lot more time promoting healthy food choices. I know it’s the trendy and easy thing to smugly point fingers at some caricature of bad parenting, but any two parents, no matter how well-meaning, are only two people with a very limited influence compared to the immense deluge of marketing and advertising children are subjected to on a daily basis. There is absolutely no reason to be a smug asshole and make vast generalizations about “shitty parents.”

  • Hugh

    ^Really, “but any two parents, no matter how well-meaning, are only two people with a very limited influence compared to the immense deluge of marketing and advertising children are subjected to on a daily basis?”

    That’s a total cop-out. The parents are PAYING for it, so don’t go on saying that the corporations have more pull. The parents are just too lazy or don’t have the willpower to say “no” to their children. It’s not up to McDonalds or other corporations to force children into “eating healthy.” Children will always favor burgers over salads.

  • Kev

    ^Well stated. Advertisement does not come free and certainly not cheap. I can assure you the money that pays for this advertisement comes from complete individual laziness and bad parenting. How can you say ohh my kids fat because of corperate advertisement. This sort of attitude usually comes from someone trying to find a cop out for sending their children on a diabetic heart problimatic road to early death.

    Stop looking for excuses to use the drive through and learn how to use a kitchen before your children suffer the consiquences of your stupid decisions.

    Ask any Nutritionalist, Doctor or Health expert.

    These corporations are the largest in the world. Thanks to the bad attitude and ignorence of lazy parents who keep feeding the corporate wallets and destroying the futures of these poor children. SHAME SHAME SHAME

  • The whole idea that McDonald’s needs to offer healthier food is BS and that eating at home is a better choice. If you go to Whole Foods and gorge yourself on food, you’re going to be fat. I know so many people who eat “heathly” food but they consume too much of it and the result is weight gain. The problem is portion control. I personally gained up to a size 22/24 eating fastfood and I lost down to a size 0/2 eating the same foods but just in moderation. I eat McDonald’s every day. I don’t ever go a day without having their low fat vanilla ice cream cone that is 69 cents and only 150 calories. Salads are the biggest myth and hurdle for people to actually lose weight because 1) there are so many calories in the dressing and 2) people believe they have been so good by eating a salad so they let themselves indulge later not knowing that they ate more calories in that salad than if they had eaten the Big Mac that they really wanted and 3) no one really wants to eat the salad over the other items on the menu so they feel hungry soon after.

    Some great things on the menu now at McDonald’s include the Mack Snack Wrap. It’s 330 calories, it tates just like a Big Mac. The Filet-o-Fish sandwich is 380 calories. The 6 piece nugget is 280 calories. Most people cooking at home eat way more calories. The best thing about fast food is that you can easily portion control – you order exactly what you should eat and there are no leftovers once you leave the drive through.

    If we all were eating the happy meals – cheeseburger and small fries – we’d all be thin! The kids get distracted with the toys anyway.

    Eat what you want – just eat less of it!