The "More Space" Project

Todd has come up with an idea. And here it is:

So, I have this idea. There are all of these great bloggers talking about the subject of business. The trouble is the format of blogging only allows for maybe 500 words in a post before most readers lose interest.

What happens if you gave these writers more space?

This could be very interesting. I've been asked to participate, and am very exicted to see where this will go. There will be ten writers. From what I understand, the book will be free online, and available in hard copy. The best thing about it? It's all done in the open. How many will we sell? What does it cost to make? You can find that information and more at the More Space Blog. We hope to show that transparency and openess are a good thing, which means we are not borrowing any business models from the music industry.

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