The Naked Corporation

Here is more on one of the latest management fads – making your company naked. Don Tapscott, a Canadian business school professor, uses the term to refer to the increasing transparency needed at companies today.

Mr Tapscott believes that more transparency and better behaviour will bear economic fruit—not least by avoiding catastrophic collapses like those at Enron and WorldCom. He cites approvingly the transparent way the head of Microsoft's website shared details of problems occuring on the site, and Prudential Securities, which was so open with staff that their loyalty grew even as it made redundancies. He boldly predicts that, in a transparent world, advertising and spin will be less effective.

Tapscott thinks transparency will solve a lot of problems. I think it is like most management ideas – there are some good consequences from it, but it can be taken too far and end up doing more harm than good.

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