The Other Side of Marketing

A professional marketer gets on the other side of the clipboard.

I don't how many times you've been intercepted at the mall to answer a "short survey", but you can spot the surveyors from a mile away — they're the only human beings on the planet who still carry clipboards. It's their distinguishing mark, like FBI agents with those flesh-colored ear phones. What I didn't realize is that those surveyors actually live in the mall. They have their own storefront with a small reception area that hides all the cages in the back where they conduct lab tests on mall rats in exchange for movie tickets and candy.

I check into the lab, where a nice receptionist asked me to fill out a demographic survey and a release form. She pulled the form from a manila folder titled "Subaru Test," and then quickly covers up the title when she realizes I can see over the counter. Apparently I'm supposed to be unaware that I'm taking part in a Subaru study, even though I was invited by Subaru. So she discretely hides the folder in a large tray clearly titled "Subaru." I'm also supposed to be double blind.

That's just a little taste, but it is a very good article so be sure to check it out.

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