The Perks of The New Management Style in Business


Managing a business successfully was once thought of as having employees who work similarly to robots and machines. However, with the development of the Internet, social media and other advances in communication, creating a more inspiring and attractive work environment has shown that employees are more likely to work harder and work more efficiently altogether. Understanding some of the perks that are being provided in a few of today’s top companies can help to ensure you are providing your employees with as many benefits as possible to improve the overall workplace morale.

Working at Google

Google’s headquarters provides a 2.5 minute walking path that is shaped as an infinity loop, allowing employees to instantly get just about anywhere within the building by following the path. Installing the walking path within the headquarters is a way for employees to continue their communication and collaboration when on the job.

Google also provides all employees free rental cars to run errands, free hair cuts, child care and gourmet food for anyone who works part or full-time within the headquarters itself. Additionally, there are nap pods, massages, on-site gyms, laundry services, oil changes and even shuttle services provided to individuals who are working for Google and working in the actual headquarters. Free beer and wine is provided on Fridays along with paid maternity and paternity leaves for new parents. Additionally, Google also includes the “80/20″ rule for all employees, giving individuals 20% of their time to work on new projects or other types of websites they are interested in building on their own while still on the job.

Perks at Zappos

Zappos provides an on-site gym, fitness classes and even Weight Watchers sessions that are also on-site for employees who are working for the company. Free smoking cessation classes, food, healthy baby programs and even private health consultations are also available to employees. Additionally, Zappos also allows employees to nap, provides family counseling sessions and even provides paid volunteer time off for your efforts.

Facebook Perks

Working for Facebook provides you with an on-site bank, gym, dry cleaners and even a video game arcade where you can play some of your favorite classics. A dentist’s office, doctor’s office and even a complete barbershop is also available when you work for Facebook as a full-time employee at the headquarters.

The Management Revolution

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