The Pizza Delivery Drivers Union

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When I read that a Florida Domino's now has a union for delivery drivers, my first thought was…what is this, 1925? My second thought was that if this expands throughout the fast food industry it should solve the obesity problem in this country by taking away the greatest benefit of fast food – it's amazingly cheap. My third thought was that these Domino's owners are capitalist pigs for not paying their drivers 50K a year plus health insurance (just kidding). It's time to buy stock in the other pizza companies.

  • What’s more important? Another boat for the “powers that be” at Dominos, or a better living for the thousands of people who make a living for their families driving the delivery cars? Capitalism is a system that sometimes needs checks and balances like unions.

  • Rob

    I’m willing to bet that 75% of Domino’s franchisees that own just one or two stores are working harder and making less than they could at a regular job. If it wasn’t for their dream of getting rich and buying a boat, they wouldn’t be willing to take the risk that allows those delivery drivers to have jobs in the first place.

  • COD

    What could happen is that the union will lead to a critical labor shortage of pizza delivery guys when they insist that all tips be pooled and shared equally. No decent delivery guy would ever agree to that. There is too much tax free cash to be made if you are good at it.

  • Kobycat

    Our Papa Johns franchise has just given us another cost of
    living paycut. Everytime the government raises the minimum wage, they take it out of our milage. I’ve been there 15
    years and make less than when I started. This is the honest to God truth. Why am I still there? It is a part time job
    that I enjoy, and it is easy to switch shifts when I need
    to take my wife to the doctor.
    I understand how unions bully, and I wish we
    did not need them. But this is in your face greed, or else
    they just aren’t competent enough to turn a profit without
    sucking it out of the employees.