The Porsche and Piech families are standing in support of VW’s CEO

more trouble at Volkswagen

The Porsche-Piech families are standing in full support of Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller, despite criticism that he is not doing enough to handle the company’s emissions cheating crisis.

Matthias Mueller waited until last week to make his first US appearance since the scandal erupted in September, a fact that hasn’t sat well with US officials and critics of the company’s recent moves.

“Everybody can see that Mr Mueller’s U.S. trip was not successful. He made a mistake. But that does not mean that we move away from him,” a source close to the board told Reuters. “The Porsche and Piech families stand firmly behind Mr Mueller.”

According to Germany’s Bild am Sonntag newspaper, some board members are starting to express doubt over Mueller’s ability to handle the crisis. Mueller was the CEO of Porsche until he took over the job from longtime CEO Martin Winterkorn.

Volkswagen is rejecting the idea that its own board of directors is growing tired of Mueller’s handling of the emissions cheating scandal.

Mueller angered some US government officials last week when he blamed the scandal on a “misunderstanding” and called it a “technical, not an ethical, problem.”

Mueller met with US environmental officials on Wednesday to discuss the possible use of a specialized catalytic converter that could be placed on nearly 600,000 diesel vehicles that have been emitting up to 40 times legally allowable limits of CO2.

When asked about a possible replacement for the company’s new CEO, a source close to the firm said “there is no other choice.”

Written by John Howard

John Howard

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