The Power of Networking

Venture Blog has a great post on the power of networking. It really is how things get done in the business world. Being a businesspundit and having lots of ideas about businesses (but none yet that I think have a sustainable competitive advantage), I intend to start a company some day. Most likely it will be in A.I., so that I can marry my two loves into one thing. Being young and knowing this goal is 10-15 years away, I spend plenty of time thinking about it and learning more about AI and business. I also spend plenty of time networking now, and I sometimes wonder if the blogging newtork will help me at some point in the future. I have "met" some pretty interesting people, and strangely, I trust some of them more than people I actually know. And to think I have only been reading blogs since Sept., and only had this one since March. I wonder what the future holds for the blogsphere…

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