The Power of Video Distribution

I love video content more and more all the time for the very reason that most people hate it – it doesn't have SEO value (yet). At the moment, search engines don't deal with video well, which means the traffic grows from quality of content, not search engine tricks, although that will change later as technology improves. Case in point, it took almost three years of blogging before I had my first month with 50,000 unique visitors. Daily Idea will pass that many unique viewers for the month of October, and possibly even double that… less than 3 months into the show. And we still have a goal of 6 out of 10 on the quality scale, until we can get the funding (or cash flow) to bring on the production team full-time.

Having been through the various phases of blogging, it's interesting now to watch video playing out in a similar fashion. Content creation costs are falling. More people are making webshows. People write them off as silly. A few big shows make a lot of money. No one else ever expects to make any. But…

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Something will happen to change that. Once monetization options for webshows improve, the quality of the content will explode, and then spam content will closely follow. It's going to be fun to watch how it all unfolds, and to be part of it.