The President Does Not Approve This Message


Well, it’s here. Call it Black Friday for publishing. Some say that the Kennedy memoir, Dan Brown’s new book, and Oprah’s pick could make this week a record breaker for book sales. But one book in particular won’t be getting an extra special boost – a Presidential boost.

ShelfLife reports that a quote from President Barack Obama has been removed from the book jacket of Hard Work: A Life On and Off the Court. The memoir, penned by University of North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams is scheduled to be published in November.

According to ShelfLife, the quote was to be:

“What makes Coach Williams one of the great coaches isn’t just his extraordinary record, but his dedication to his players. He’s just as serious about making these guys into men and into leaders as he is into making them champions.”

The quote was apparently never meant to appear as a blurb for the book and publisher Algonquin’s legal team advised them to remove the statement from the book jacket because sitting presidents cannot make commercial endorsements. And how exactly does that work when one has their own products (books) to sell?

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Apparently, too, new printings of Joseph O’Neill’s Netherland have been stickered with a quote pulled from an Obama interview:

 “Fascinating…A wonderful book.’ President Barack Obama, Newsweek.”

What do you think? I mean, he said it. It’s a matter of record. And what’s the difference between a publisher quoting a Newsweek article and the nightly news covering Obama’s vacation reading list? Gee, I wonder which sold more books.

I’m not sure where I stand on this, but if Obama shows up on any of those romance novel covers, I’ll be stocking up!

Image Credit: Chris Owens, Flickr