The Republican party’s favorability rating falls to an all-time low

Donald Trump and the GOP favorability rating

The Republican Party’s favorability rating has reached a new low, according to a Bloomberg poll released on Thursday.

Only 32% of Americans currently view the GOP favorably – the lowest that rating has been since the poll debuted in 2009.

The Democratic Party’s favorability rating is considerably higher at 49%.

Pollster J. Ann Selzer says the new low rating can be directly attributed to Donald Trump, the party’s presumptive nominee for president.

“This is obviously related to perceptions of Trump,” Selzer told Bloomberg. “This bleeds out into perceptions of the party and to other GOP politicians.”

33% of Republicans said they view Trump unfavorably, compared to just 17% of democrats who feel the same way about Hillary Clinton.

Despite his party’s unfavorable view, 69% of Republicans think that Trump will be good for the party.

Another Bloomberg poll released on Tuesday found Hillary Clinton to have a huge 12 point lead in the general election over Donald Trump.

More than half (55%) of total respondents said that they could never support Trump. In comparison, 43% of all pollsters said that they could never support Clinton.

This was the third poll in two weeks which have shows a huge lead for Hillary Clinton.

Written by Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn is the Politics and Military & Defense Editor at BusinessPundit. She is a fiercely independent voter who believes in full transparency in politics & general government activities. You can reach her at Refinance Student Loans.