The Social Media Landscape of Business

Here is a fascinating look at how various businesses stack up against each other in the world of social media (via full size graphic). While these numbers (basically a sum of Facebook fans and Twitter followers) don’t reflect revenue or profits, they do give a good sense at which companies have established a strong online branding presence. And if you believe that the Internet is changing everything, then these numbers might give you some insight into which businesses are most poised to capitalize on the social media revolution.

Business: Social Media Landscape
Graphic provided to us by: Top Business Degrees

In looking at this graphic you can clearly see that Coke is kicking Pepsi’s marketing butt. Walmart has a slight lead on Target. Red Bull is destroying Monster Energy. Facebook is orders of magnitude more influential than Twitter.

For companies not in the top 20, by category: Taco Bell wins the fast food competition. BMW seems to be the strongest brand of vehicle. Surprisingly, the NBA more than doubles the NFL (you have to wonder about this, given how dominant the NFL is in sports). National Geographic beats out ESPN by a nose hair. The far and away most popular airline is Southwest. And Playstation destroys XBox, though they both get beat by iTunes in the technology section.

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