The Social Network Plot

Zuckerberg ignores the Winkelvoss team’s attempts to contact him about the work he indicated he might do for The Harvard Connection. Instead, Zuckerberg spends his time perfecting The Facebook instead. Once released, The Facebook gains instant traction among Harvard users. When the Winkelvosses and Narendra learn about, they instantly conclude that Zuckerberg stole their Harvard Connection idea.

As The Facebook gains traction, expanding to several other Ivy League schools, Zuckerberg makes Saverin his CFO and another student his head of publicity, assigning each stakes in the company. The Winkelvoss team, unnerved by The Facebook’s success, sends a cease and desist letter, which Zuckerberg ignores. Hoping to charge Zuckerberg with theft, they confront Harvard president Larry Summers about it, and are shown the door.

Meanwhile, Napster founder Sean Parker, a jaded, paranoid, cocky party animal played by Justin Timberlake, takes an interest in The Facebook. When Zuckerberg and Parker meet in New York, business chemistry ignites. Saverin, who thinks The Facebook should start monetizing, is sidelined by the duo.

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On Parker’s suggestion, Zuckerberg moves Facebook (Parker suggested removing the “The”) to Palo Alto. Saverin, dismayed by Zuckerberg’s alienation, freezes the $18,000 bank accounted that he had created to continue funding the company. Zuckerberg and Parker save Facebook’s finances by landing an angel investor.

When the Winkelvoss twins, in England for a rowing competition, learn that Facebook is also in UK universities, they decide to sue Zuckerberg. Facebook, meanwhile, secures venture capital from venture capitalist and PayPal founder Peter Thiel. As part of the deal, they dilute Saverin’s stock to less than 1%, without verbally informing Saverin. When Saverin finds out during a visit to Facebook’s headquarters, he pitches a fit and stomps out, deciding to sue.

The film ends back in the deposition room. A junior lawyer tells Mark that settling is a good idea. When she leaves, Zuckerberg tries to friend his old girlfriend, continually refreshing the screen; the movie fades out.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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