The Struggles of a Business Magazine

This article (free registration required) about Fast Company magazine is worth a read. I started reading Fast Company in the late 90s, and really enjoyed the refreshing perspectives on business. But, they got too caught up in the dotcom hype, and when the bubble burst they refused to admit that things had changed. Several issues came that had only one or two articles that were worth a damn. Then a couple came that weren't worth reading at all. I let my subscription expire. Somehow though, Fast Company began to redeem itself. I re-subscribed earlier this year, and have been pleased by the last few issues. I like that they write short to-the-point articles, and I think that is a strength for them. Given the current market for business news though, it will be tough for them to make it. I hope they do, and I hope they find their niche identity as a business periodical.