The Top 10 Businesspundit Posts of 2007


In case you missed some of the best posts on this blog from 2007, here are the top 10 according to traffic and incoming links.

#10 – Why I Gave Up Desserts To Become a Better Entrepreneur. Yes. I made it to the end of 2007.

#9 – What Derrick Locke Can Teach You About Hiring Good People. A post about a football player no one wanted, who ended up helping a team to their biggest win of the year.

#8 – The Selective Perception of Human Brains: Why Startups Often Beat The Big Boys. An explanation of why we see what we want to see, and why that provides opportunity for entrepreneurs.

#7 – What the Shawshank Redemption Can Teach You About Entrepreneurship. I expected this post to be more popular. It received a decent response, but I thought it was one of my best posts of the year.

#6 – Handicapping the Carr-Benkler Wager. This post was written by Mike Dewitt of Spooky Action, and remains one of the best posts on the site. Great analysis and great writing.

#5 – What Dasani Bottled Water Taught Me About Better Blogging. A story from my college days that has implications for running a blog.

#4 – From a 'C' to an 'A' – Can Your Managers Do What This Professor Did? A story about a college professor who could separate her feelings about an idea from the quality of writing about it.

20 Hidden Ways Business Professionals Struggle With Pain

#3 – What Bullet Holes in Airplanes Can Teach You About Making Better Business Decisions. A lesson in cognitive dissonance.

#2 – Switching to Mac is Great. This was originally titled "Switching to Mac is a Waste of Time," but after the onslaught of hate mail, I decided to concede and change the post title. I hate that this made the top 10 list, but so be it.

#1 – Deep Thinkers Need Not Apply: How To Get Ahead In the Modern Business World. This post got a ton of traffic, which means it probably resonated with lots of people. Go read it if you haven't already.

For those of you that don't know it, this blog has been sold to a blog network that owns Popcrunch, College Startup and a few other sites. I stop blogging in about 5 weeks, and this site will add some fresh new writers with more relevant perspectives and better writing skills. There will be some other cool changes and additions to the site that I've been informed of but cannot yet mention publicly. I think you will enjoy the new Businesspundit. I'm not hanging up the keyboard for good, just slowing down to a couple of posts a month. You can follow me in the future at Coconut Headsets, or pick up the .