The Trump Network: Coming to a Hotel Conference Room Near You


I was surprised yesterday, while browsing the booths at a local business women’s conference, to see a spread for The Trump Network. I shouldn’t have been surprised.

I didn’t want to encourage the woman who was eagerly showing me the scientific looking test tubes which I had assumed were some sort of at-home drug testing kit for and therefore possibly very practical, but which would actually be used to collect my urine so that customized Trump vitamin supplements could be crafted. My extreme curiosity about all things Trump won out. I grabbed a few brochures.

Could it be true? Donald Trump launching a network marketing company? It is, and they’re selling vitamins and pre-packaged meals. Oh, Donald, I just don’t know about this. I mean real estate is so sexy, but laxatives? Not so much.

According to Trump it’s time to take back the American dream. The official launch of the company is set for November in Miami. You can find out more on their website here, but beware – there are a lot of video clips of the Donald shouting. But we wouldn’t have him any other way, would we?

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My big question is this: why not hair products?

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  • If you leave TTN, terminate or otherwise, this is what you could receive if you and your marketer friends stay in touch:

    Grimes & Reese
    A Professional Company
    Attorneys and Counselors

    Spencer M. Reese
    Cell: (208)249-0533
    Utah Tel. (801) 745-6362
    615 Hoopes Avenue
    Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401-6106
    Tel. (208) 522-2600
    Fax: (208) 524-568

    RE: The Trump Network

    Dear [name]:

    I represent The Trump Network (“TTN”). TTN has learned that you have acquired contact information for a number of TTN Marketers, and seeking to use TTN’s network as a conduit to market other products or services. Although your Marketer Agreement with TTN has been terminated, you nevertheless remain bound by an ongoing obligation not to use TTN’s confidential information. TTN therefore demands that you immediately stop contacting TTN’s Marketers for any purpose. Should you fail to do so, TTN will institute legal proceedings against you seeking injunctive relief, damages, attorneys fees and costs. This will be the only warning you will receive from TTN.

    This letter is written under full reservation of rights.


    Spencer M. Reese

    cc. Scott Stanwood
    Eliot Bolan

  • Hey, hold on.
    They have more products being developed as we speak. Maybe hair products.
    Green products for one. If you are a marketer, you have the inside edge.

  • I must say that I have not seen any laxatives being offered by The Trump Network. What you failed to mention in your article is that Donald put his money into a 12 year old nutrition company that has a very unique product in the world of direct sales. The tests that you are speaking of are very simple and are backed by real medical research. The point is, why would you NOT want customized vitamins that are made for YOU. You see I was buying vitamins off the shelf for years and still got sick, felt ok but not great but after my tests came back I found that I was getting too much of one vitamin, not enough of another and after being on the Trump vitamins for 6 months, my blood levels and urine tests done by my doctor were great. My doctor could not believe it and wanted to know what I was doing and I showed him the vitamins and he was so impressed he joined. Oh and those pre packaged meals are extremely tasty and have helped my lose over 55 LBS in the same 6 months.

  • Liz

    Actually, the Trump Network is said to be working on a bath and body line which would include hair and oral care products. It really is a great company with a lot going on behind the scenes which has yet to be unveiled. It’s an opportunity worth looking into.
    Have a blessed day!

  • Get all the information and get it accurate
    go to the free webinar at

    and the website$$$

    This is going to be huge! Does optimal health, more money and more free time sound good to you?

  • Linda

    Well, it certainly sounds like a good product and a good marketing opportunity with a reasonable buy in ($497, of which half is product)with a strong return on investment.
    Check out the website and contact Stephen Gomes if you have questions.

  • From the penthouse to the toilet? Give me a break. Other than being surrounded by pretty people and trophy wives, and known for a lux brand, what credibility does his name bring to the wellness industry? This is all about people being drawn to “celebrity” and The Donald exploiting that opportunity. A few people will make lots of money, but the majority will fail. You will have spent more than $2,000 in the 1st year just to stay in. Most of the independent marketers know nothing about building a business, and when you surf all the websites and blogs, there are so many misreps and touting that after December 1, with the new FTC blogging rules will be in effect, a couple of complaints could likely bring in the government, and all these people will be left in the lurch as they get fined thousands of dollars for not following the new rules. Trump will need a “headache” product, not an obesity solution.

  • Hi, my name is Ken Dorey. I am a business professional and I would consider myself a MLM success story. I got involved with the Trump Network almost 2 months ago, I was fortunate enough to be recruited by a very unique team that conducts the business in a very different way to what I would have expected. Then beauty of the Trump Network, is that the company is still in pre launch, and for anyone who knows anything about network marketing, the first 30-60,000 marketers recruited are the ones who stand to be the most successful. At this point there are approximately 11,000 marketers so the opportunity is ripe. For example there were many many multi-millionaires developed from the first 30,000 Amway recruits. The secret is it takes work, these programs are not designed to simply make money for you while you sit back and do nothing to help your business grow. if you treat it like a hobby, you will make a hobby income. But, if you treat it like a successful business………

    My last job was as Vice President of an international design and marketing company. I was making a very good living, but I was also working 7 day weeks, often upwards of 60-70 hours, and quite simply I got burnt out. I held this position for 11+ years.

    I left my career for the sake of my health and family and decided to take a few months off to recuperate, and find a new career path that was not likely to take such a huge toll on my well being and family life. I chose at this point to go back to school and get my masters degree, and during my job search I was recruited into the Trump Network, after being called by a platinum director who had read my resume online.

    Almost two months in, and this has become my new career, but it does take work. I would recommend this business to ANYONE who understand the value of hard work, and is able to mentor and train new recruits. This is not the type of opportunity where you make quick sales and move on to the next potential buyer. You benefit most from mentoring and coaching your recruits, and being available at all times to ensure THEIR success and the success of their recruits. This opportunity is best suited for personable leaders concerned with the success of others.

    My phone never stops, and I receive hundreds of e-mails a day, but that is a great problem to have when you are making a comfortable living working from home!

  • chris

    Learn the truth about the Trump Network, its real!!

    Im livin the dream!


    i just want to say that i just joined trump network and there will be all kinds of people talking trash about this company, but the truth is people allways do even other companys if you think about it people didnt believe in the V.C.R, MICROSOFT, D.V.D , and look at them today i rest my case so antone that wants to join and follow your dreams join me leave me a mess at

  • We just joined with the Trump Network and are the Core Market Leaders in North Idaho we are looking for a few good peeps to take along on this upcoming wave that will be the Trump Network…Like him or not Mr.D. Trump plays to win and he’s not just a paid spokesman this time he ownes the comany but look what happened to the last company that he even mentioned.MLM is all about timing lets make 2010 the time to make some $$$ if you in the Eastern Washington North Idaho area we would love to talk with you.

  • Michelle

    One of my contacted friends me regarding TTN.I’ve been looking for a MLM to get into. This friend has been jumping MLMs non stop. I’m wondering if this is just one of a slew of companies he’s going to be getting into. I know that you have to treat this as a real business opportunity and work hard at it. I’m wanting to get back into MLM because I truly had a great time with YTB.I’ve made a promise to myself, that once I get involved with another MLM, I’m not going to quit for at least 4 years. Just like with any business, you have to be fully devoted to getting more leads and marketing yourself. People buy from people they like. If you are in MLM, I suggest not jumping around. People that you know won’t trust your recommendations anymore.

  • jae see

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  • This thing is about to Blow up they are starting a tour in a few weeks with all the original members of Idealheath and Leaders in the Trump Network so you may be hearing radio adds,then Mr. Trump will start his media campagin wich will be the end of the ground floor opertunity.
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  • jae see

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  • mandyfox

    Try some “Wheat Juice” it tastes great, is relatively cheap, comes in box of 24 for less than 24 bucks, has alcohol, helps me fall asleep at night, never sleep alone again! When boys know you’re drunk, they’ll sleep with you! Best of all, you can “distribute” to anyone over 21 year of age!! Selling it is a problem though, just like most of the MLM products I’ve tried. I’m an independent distri, no, drinker. I make no money off of it. But, I believe in the product. It works for me. I even lost weight last month when all I drank was “Fermented Wheat Juice,” ate nothing, and jogged 5 miles a day! It really works! You should all try some.

  • I’m thinking about joining the network this site has been helpful. Thanks to all.

  • We have ben involved with the Trump Network since December and are loving it and having fun with our radio campaign.
    Still looking for people in North Idaho and Spokane Wa. area to get involved with a great team who will help you get your new bussines up and running.
    Check out our new website Login = third Password = tribe or email us directly at

  • I’ve been with this compnay for a year now and have a large organization. I’ve seen nothing but integrity and quality in everything they do and everything the deliver. Donald Trump and the Trump Network are the real deal.