The Trump Network: Coming to a Hotel Conference Room Near You


I was surprised yesterday, while browsing the booths at a local business women’s conference, to see a spread for The Trump Network. I shouldn’t have been surprised.

I didn’t want to encourage the woman who was eagerly showing me the scientific looking test tubes which I had assumed were some sort of at-home drug testing kit for and therefore possibly very practical, but which would actually be used to collect my urine so that customized Trump vitamin supplements could be crafted. My extreme curiosity about all things Trump won out. I grabbed a few brochures.

Could it be true? Donald Trump launching a network marketing company? It is, and they’re selling vitamins and pre-packaged meals. Oh, Donald, I just don’t know about this. I mean real estate is so sexy, but laxatives? Not so much.

According to Trump it’s time to take back the American dream. The official launch of the company is set for November in Miami. You can find out more on their website here, but beware – there are a lot of video clips of the Donald shouting. But we wouldn’t have him any other way, would we?

My big question is this: why not hair products?

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