The US Airways Website Has Vanished, Here’s Why

American Airlines and US Airways Website

The US Airways website is gone.

American Airlines and US Airways are now officially operating under the same banner and starting on Saturday customers visiting were redirected to, the website of American Airlines.

American Airlines and US Airways merged nearly two years ago and are now operating as a single airline carrier.

By noon on Saturday American Airlines had also replaced US Airways signed at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport’s Terminal E.

While American Airlines doesn’t see the change affecting customers, they still warn travelers who booked through US Airways prior to the switch to arrive a little bit earlier at the airport.

“American picked a Saturday because it’s the slowest travel day and the cheapest travel day,”’s Rick Seaney said. “Just in case something were to happen.”

American Airlines spent millions of dollars making the transition, including adding new kiosks, signs and more employees.

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Some planes will still feature the US Airways logo, although American Airlines will have those planes painted before the end of 2016.