The US Supreme Court is hearing a 9-year-old Xbox case

Microsoft Xbox lawsuit at the Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court is reviewing a 9-year-old case that was filed against Microsoft and it’s Xbox gaming system.

The lawsuit alleges that a defect in the Xbox scratched game discs, making them unplayable, The Associated Press reports.

The original lawsuit, filed in 2007, was contested by Microsoft and has passed through various US courts since it first began.

According to Microsoft, just 0.4% of users experienced the scratching issue which means it is not eligible for a class action lawsuit.

A class action lawsuit was originally dismissed, which meant those involved in the lawsuit would have needed to proceed on their own. However, the entire premise of the lawsuit, was that the gaming console was scratching discs en masse.

The lawsuit was filed again in 2011 and has made it to the US Supreme Court via the appeals process.

According to the SCOTUSBlog, the court is looking at whether it can “review an order denying class certification after the named plaintiffs voluntarily dismiss their individual claims with prejudice.”

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