The World’s 10 Biggest Media Companies

I’ve long believed that those who control the message, control the world. And while the Internet has lessened the influence of many of these big, traditional media companies (and given power to new information companies like Google) there is no doubt that they still have massive influence over the messages we hear on a daily basis.

10 Biggest Media Companies

The 10 Biggest Media Companies

10. Washington Post Company
9. Gannett Co., Inc
8. Clear Channel
7. CBS
6. Liberty Media
5. Viacom
4. News Corporation
3. Time Warner
2. Comcast
1. Walt Disney

A few surprises on the list. I would have guessed News Corp and Comcast were the top two companies. And I’m a little confused why a company like Google, which controls the flow of information on the web and also owns YouTube is not being counted as a media company. I would definitely have put them at #1 on this list.

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