The world’s first Simpsons store will open in China

Simpsons Stores Opening in China

The Simpsons are ditching the many Springfield’s in the United States for a storefront in China.

The world’s first Simpsons store is set to open in Beijing, China, in March 2016. The new store was announced on Friday by 20th Century Fox.

Following the launch of that store, the company plans to open a second location in Shanghai by June, with plans to open 100 stores globally, Jeffrey Godsick, president of 20th Century Fox Consumer Products, told China Daily.

The Beijing and Shanghai stores will each cover 250 square meters and will carry approximately 200 licensed Simpsons products.

Products offered at each location will range from clothing to accessories and includes products such as phone cases and even stationery.

The ultimate goal will be to have 20% to 50% of all Simpsons merchandise sold exclusively in these standalone stores. “We will continue to design individual consumer products for each of our movies and TV shows in China, and ultimately grow our brand as a company,” Godsick said.

The Simpsons was banned in China until 2014. According to the South China Morning Post, the ban was issued in 2006 following a particular controversial episode where Homer Simpson visited China. The episode was seen as an insult to the Chinese as well as the government’s Communist Party.

The show has been a huge hit with Chinese audiences since the ban was lifted.

Fox says the shows growing popularity in China is exactly why the company chose to launch the first of many globally recognized Simpsons stores in China

Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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