The World’s Most Unusual Business School Research

This may be the most unusual research ever done at a business school, and I really don't see the value in it.

Is there any way to get a man to savour a melodramatic, so-called 'chick flick"' It's possible, if he knows up front that the story is pure fiction, according to U of A School of Business Associate Professor Jennifer Argo.

"We looked at fact and fiction stories and found that if people have high empathy – usually women – they will enjoy a story more if it's based on fact," she said. "Conversely, people who are low in empathy, typically males, when you tell them in advance that it's fiction they'll enjoy it more. We think it's because it gives them an excuse to enjoy it. They let down their guards."

The press release says Dr. Argo is studying social influence, but that doesn't help me understand why she did this study, or why on earth anyone would fund it.

  • Because if you can get dudes to enjoy chick flicks, you can be fairly sure that full mind control is possible.

  • If you read the press release it mentions the school of retailing, so I suspect they may be looking at how to influence shoppers.

    Does seem like a bit of a “jolly” though :-)

  • The government probably paid for it.