The Worst Jobs in the IT World


While most people wouldn’t associate IT jobs with extreme danger and hazardous conditions, there are some jobs in this industry which expose workers to such things. As you will see, not every IT job involves simply sitting at a computer analyzing network traffic and writing lines of code. Here are some of the most dangerous and often unglamorous jobs in the IT field:

Undersea Data Cable Repair Personnel

While satellites play a certain role in data transmission, the majority of the world’s Internet connectivity is done through huge undersea cables that link continents. Some may think that automated robots controlled from a ship do all the work related to undersea cables, but this isn’t actually the case. Laying and burying the cables can be done by robots, but human divers must often intervene to position and repair the cables. Hazards include the presence of high voltage, in addition to the risk of injury or death from diving accidents.

Online Content Reviewers

These are the people who review content posted to various social networking and photo sharing websites. While they mostly work in an office environment and therefore aren’t exposed to physical dangers, there may be a lot of mental strain that comes with the job. Now, you may be laughing and asking yourself: how could seeing a few pornographic images be mentally stressful? But in reality, content reviewers are exposed to far worse things than “regular” porn. They see images of brutal murders, torture, child abuse, animal abuse and more.

Cell Tower Repair Technicians

Due to the risk of falls, working on a cell phone tower is a very dangerous occupation. Besides heights, those who maintain cell phone towers need to work outside and are therefore fully exposed to the weather. Even though the use of safety equipment is mandatory and there are procedures designed to increase the safety of workers, accidents still happen, as workers report that safety regulations are often ignored by employers and some employees. Between 2003 and 2011, 50 workers were killed on cell towers and many more have suffered severe injuries.

The 10 Worst Jobs in IT
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