Theranos is being sued for inaccurate blood tests and false marketing

Theranos Lawsuit

$9 billion startup Theranos is being sued in Northern California. The company is accused of falsely marketing its proprietary finger-prick blood test.

The lawsuit says Theranos promoted itself as being compliant with all current regulations and said it was sanctioned by authorities.

The Arizona man who brought forth the lawsuit is referred to as “M.P.B.”

The lawsuit arrives one week after the company said it had issued corrections for thousands of its blood tests. The company also voided two years’ worth of blood test results from its “Edison” device.

After its announcement Theranos made the claim that no patients suffered any hard because of its inaccurate results.

According to the suit, M.P.B. purchased a Theranos test at a Theranos Wellness Center in a Walgreens in Tempe, Arizona, around December 2015.

The suit claims that the test didn’t work and didn’t produce accurate results.

“As a result, tens of thousands of patients may have been given incorrect blood-test results, been subject to unnecessary or potentially harmful treatments, and/or been denied the opportunity to seek treatment for a treatable condition,” reads the suit, filed by attorneys from McCuneWright LLP.

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The lawsuit says Theranos has performed 6.1 million tests and for that reason it is seeking a class action filing.

Theranos spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan says the lawsuit is “without merit” and that the “company will vigorously defend itself against these claims.”

Theranos is already under investigation from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the SEC, and the Justice Department.

Written by Peter Mondrose

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