There’s A Members Only Coffee Shop That Charges $25 For Unlimited Coffee

Fair Folks and a goat NYC

Fair Folks & a Goat is a members-only café that charges its members just $25 per month for unlimited coffee. The coffee shop, which doubles as a retail location, currently serves customers in New York City’s Greenwich Village and East Village neighborhoods.

For $25 a month, customers can enjoy unlimited coffee, espresso, lattes, tea, and lemonade.

A membership also gives customers 10% off all retail items in the story, along with access to various events and music performances that are hosted by the company.

Baristas at the company memorize a list of possible drinks which they can list off from memory because there is no posted menu.

If you don’t want a $25 unlimited drink membership you can still purchase beverages at full price.

According to the company, since opening in 2012 they manage to draw in plenty of non-members. Currently there are nearly 1,000 paying members according to the The New York Times

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The best part? A portion of each membership goes to charity.