There’s now a Tesla Model S for kids to drive

mini Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is now available in a smaller size — small enough for kids to drive!

The replica is the brainchild of Tesla and American toy company, Radio Flyer.

The famed toy wagon company and America’s most recognizable electric car manufacturer, teamed up to create a kid-sized Model S.

The mini Model S, which goes on sale this May, is powered by lithium-ion batteries, has working headlights, and a sound system that let’s the driver play tunes from a mobile device.

mini Tesla Model S electric car for kids

You can even customize the car’s color and wheels online.

The mini Tesla isn’t cheap with a starting price of $499, but you can easily spend more if you pimp it out.

For example, you can replace the standard 140 Wh battery with a 190 Wh upgrade for $50. Another $15 will allow you to customize the license plate.

You can even get a cover just like the real adult sized Tesla Model S. How cute is this:

Tesla Model S Mini

Even the charger matches the original model.

mini Tesla Model S - Charger

Here’s the Tesla Model S for Kids by Radio Flyer