Things I Don’t Understand About Business

I saw this at an antique store Friday night. Did someone at some point believe there was a market demand for glass heads?

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  • Gary

    Intended for wig display, isn’t it? Transparent to allow the customer to see the wig’s construction.

  • Rob

    That makes sense. I guess I have revealed my wig shopping ignorance. I was thinking I wish I had it in college to drink beer out of at parties.

  • It looks like “Spock” from Star Trek. I am looking at the eyes and ears…and I think those are the pointy startrek sideburns?

  • Ben

    Ben sings, “How much for that glass head in the window?”

    I think those things are used for wigs, but they also make them out of other material that’s not see-through (styrofoam?)

    And it does look a bit Spock-ish, so maybe it’s some kind of weird memorabilia thing…

    Now I want one.

  • I think I own that exact head. Don’t worry; I didn’t buy it, I think I inherited it.

    It’s actually kinda a cool novelty piece.

  • So Evan..which is it? Wig holder? Spock/Trekkie trinket? Both?

  • Maybe someone just made it for the joy of it… art often doesn’t need another purpose