Things to Do During Take Your Child to Work Day 2010

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If you’re honoring Take Your Child to Work Day 2010 by having little John or Susie accompany you to work, you need to make sure boredom isn’t an issue. The Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation has some neat activities on its website that will keep your kiddies occupied and out of trouble:

Mad Libs: This online game lets your kid fill out nouns, adjectives, numbers, and a long list of other grammatically-oriented terms having to do with a day in their life. At the end, you click the “Here’s a day in my life!” button at the bottom. It generates a day in your child’s life. You fill it out, too, and compare notes.

Change the World: Help kids realize their full potential with this activities worksheet.

Kids Bank teaches kids to budget with a variety of colorful, interactive images and games.

This guide offers creative discussions, Take Your Child to Work Day bingo, and other interactive games. Another guide gives you even more group activities. Also see pages 13 and 14 of this Take Your Child to Work Day guide. They offer a list of tips.

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If your child really doesn’t like your job (or you don’t, and you need a break), find a museum, movie, or other kid-friendly venue to take your child to during lunch or after work.

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