This Comcast customer’s hack to complain about slow speeds is genius

Comcast Tweeting Internet Speeds Bot

The internet is awesome but it can also be incredibly frustrating when your internet service provider offers sub-par service. Reddit user AlekseyP was sick and tired of Comcast not delivering the internet speeds they promised to him. In response he came up with an ingenious way to publicly shame the company on a daily basis.

The Washington, D.C. based Comcast customer setup a Twitter bot that tweets Comcast every single time his internet service drops below a certain threshold.

The best part? The Washington Post reports that he built his system using a Raspberry Pi. A tiny and budget-friendly low-power computer that has been loved by hobbyist’s for years.

His Raspberry Pi continuously monitors internet speeds and when his 150 Mbps download plan drops below 50 Mbps, it sends a public tweet to Comcast.

The Twitter bot dates back to last October, but it’s only been recently that it began tweeting its speed statistics at Comcast.

His notices have been receiving thousands of retweets and other Twitter users have asked for instructions on how to build a similar product.

Sadly, despite Comcast ranking as the worst company in American for many years in a row, the company actually delivers its promise speeds 90% of the time. That’s compared to 75% of the time for Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications, according to a recent study by federal regulators.

“Customers of Cablevision, Comcast, or Verizon Fiber (FiOS) experienced actual download speeds that are very consistent,” reads the report by the Federal Communications Commission.

That same report does admit that internet speeds for some customers fall drastically short of ISP promises, The Post reports.

While his speeds have been cut down drastically, AlekseyP does admit that his own internet habits could drop his speed at certain times. However, he also saw significant drops during low non-peak periods.

A top Comcast engineer, Jason Livingood, reached out to AlekseyP on reddit and Twitter, offering to lend his personal assistance.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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