This Single Map Shows The Breakdown In Worldwide Economies

A new map generated by provides a fascinating single view look at the economies of the world.

The map, which mashes together countries from all over the world, examines the gross percentage of the economy each country’s GDP consumes. Keep in mind that the map focuses on nominal Gross Domestic Product, which is not adjusted for inflation.

The larger the area, the larger the size of the economy.

You will also notice on that each country is broken down into three distinct areas, services, industrial and agricultural.



Countries by Nominal GDP

The United States is the clear winner with $17 trillion, an amount equal to nearly 25% of the world economy.

HowMuch received the nominal GDP numbers from the CIA’s World Factbook.

Most of the GDP information shown comes from the service sector in the United States (79.7%), compared to 63.6% for other countries around the world.

Agriculture and industry make up smaller than average portions of the US economy at 1.12% and 19.1% compared to averages of 5.9% and 30.5% worldwide.

While China lags behind in agriculture, it has struck a more even balance in terms of the service and industrial sectors.

Researchers believe that China’s growth will eventually lead to a scenario in which the services industry eventually outpaces the industrial and agricultural industries, just as it does in the United States.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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