This Week’s Weird Jobs


Though it’s technically illegal to discriminate by gender in a job posting, some people do it anyway. Like the poster (below) who needs a woman to balance out his all-male valet crew. Luckily, the law doesn’t need to be broken often, as the Indian dancer and bikini waitress posts listed this week show:

1. San Francisco: Savvy Realtor Wanted for ‘Out of the Box’ Brokerage

Do you:
-want to start with a 70% commission split that goes up based on productivity?
-want to work in an exclusive company with a niche business?
-want to meet interesting buyers, clients, or prospects consistently?
-want to meet owners or investors because they want what you have to offer as a service?
-want to work with others like yourself who do not want to be ‘just another hungry Real Estate Agent’?

Our service is about a relationship built on trust, confidentiality, consistency, and integrity. This is the code of ethics to which out agents subscribe to when joining our team.

Ahem. Didn’t “out of the box” brokerages and lending practices get us into this mess? Might be time to rewrite that job ad.

2. Detroit: Female Valet Attendant

We need a female valet attendant to balance out the crew, mostly weekdays maybe a night or 2 if your available. Gauranteed hourly rate and tips. Ideal for school age children mom or college student days and hours are pretty flexable and you should be too.

We knew we needed a woman in the crew when the guys started lighting their farts on their lunch breaks. Mom preferred.

3. Detroit: wi-fi sales rep

The 10 Best Gym Management Software Systems for Your Fitness Business in 2020

The economy is slipping away,Everyone is looking for a answer
but no one knows the outcome.The stimulus plan is just a plan not to include
you or your family,Foreclosures,Bank failures,Car sales,Job losses,are at a
all time high,with no end in sight,its time to take control of your life and
make the income that you deserve.

We are looking for contractors to lead our newest WI-if technology to your city.Sell your clients free Internet service with no monthly fees.


I shudder to think of how those contractors are pulling in $4K/week by selling a free service.

4. Detroit: Bollywood Dancers Needed

Looking for persons trained in Indian Dance for a short video.
Doesn’t matter what ethnicity you are, just need to understand the traditional Indian Dance.
Contact us for more information

Attention, Detroit Retired Mens’ Indian Dance Troupe–this could be your big break.

5. Florida: Bikini Bartenders & Bikini Waitstaff

Pony Express Saloon in Farmington Hills is now hiring in preparation for our BUSY upcoming spring/summer season!!!

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:
**Bikini bartenders
**Bikini waitstaff.

Loyal regular customers make this a very FUN and PROFITABLE place for you to work!!!

Men must wax before applying.

Happy Friday!

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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